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Date added: 2021-08-02 Length: 00:34:20 Rating:
Description : Will Pounder arrives at a home and is invited inside by his sibling's wife, Rocky Emerson. He's kind of bummed since his sibling is away but he's glad the wife is around to keep him company. But all that changes when Rocky starts casually chatting about being unfaithful while the sibling's away! Will's shocked but once Rocky starts coming onto HIM to get some much needed relief, well, there's little he can do to resist her charm.
Date added: 2021-07-28 Length: 00:57:47 Rating:
Description : Adira Allure and Tony Sting are making out in a car. Adira suggests that they go back to her house so they can take things even further, but Tony worries about being caught by her husband, Johnny Hill. Adira says that her husband is at work, and manages to convince Tony that everything will be fine.

Once they're at the house, Adira reveals her sexy underwear, and tells Tony that he should undress as well. Tony strips down, and they begin to fuck... but then while Adira is bouncing on Tony's dick, her husband Johnny walks into the room! Tony is shocked, but Adira smiles and calmly greets Johnny, hinting that this was planned all along.

Much to Tony's surprise, Johnny says that Tony seems to have a nice cock, and Adira confirms that his cock sure is nice. Johnny tells Tony that he's going to keep this simple: 'Wanna fuck my wife? Gotta fuck me too.' Adira eagerly tells Tony that he'll look so hot with both her and Johnny sucking on his dick. Tony accepts, leading to an eager and energetic threesome!
Date added: 2021-07-26 Length: 00:27:22 Rating:
Description : Tony Lovelocks is enjoying a nice, quiet evening home when he gets an unexpected visit from his rebellious stepsister, Payton Preslee, who declares she's going to crash there for the night.

He quickly learns that she's been thrown out of college and plans to stay with him until she can reapply next semester. But since this is a one-bedroom apartment, that means they'll have to share the bed! Although Tony's not keen on the idea, he's willing to reconsider the living arrangements once his busty stepsister starts getting frisky...
Date added: 2021-07-23 Length: 00:40:25 Rating:
Description : Lala Ivey is a barista working in a cafe. She notices that one of her customers, Rion King, has been sitting there looking at his laptop all day, without ordering anything else. He says that he's using the cafe's Wi-Fi, which is true... but he's using it to watch porn!

When Rion's porn viewing scares away another customer, Jim Powers, that's the final straw for Lala. She confronts Rion, saying that it's not appropriate for him to watch that stuff right in the middle of a cafe. Rion tries to insist that he's not doing anything wrong, so Lala argues that she also has a personal issue with it... she used to be obsessed with porn, to the point where she got fired from three previous jobs because of it.

Now intrigued, Rion asks Lala what kind of porn she's into. She admits that she gets really turned on by anal porn. As luck would have it, that's what Rion is watching right now. They both start touching themselves as they watch the video together, until they realize that touching EACH OTHER is even better... especially when Rion touches Lala's beautiful ass!
Date added: 2021-07-21 Length: 00:31:26 Rating:
Description : Liv Revamped is folding laundry when she looks out the window and realizes that her neighbor Tommy Pistol is exercising naked! Liv is startled, but Tommy seems completely shameless, giving her a friendly wave. Liv decides that she needs to have a talk with him about that, so she knocks at his door. When Tommy answers the door, he's wearing an open robe that doesn't conceal much. She tells him that if he exercises naked like that, ANYBODY could see him! Tommy says that he can explain, and invites her inside.

After Liv sits on his couch, Tommy launches into an explanation on why exercising naked is the best, and that it's great for his confidence. Well... Liv can certainly see that he's not shy, so perhaps he's right about that! Tommy says that maybe Liv should work out with him sometime... or maybe even just have sex. Liv admits that sex DOES sound good right now, so Tommy starts a different kind of workout by pounding his cock into her mouth and her pussy!
Date added: 2021-07-17 Length: 00:40:01 Rating:
Description : Ebony Goddess Mystique has her laptop out and is doing a live show for her eager fans. She's full of energy as she strips down, showing off her hefty breasts and gorgeous ass, happily engaging with her many admirers.

But she is suddenly interrupted by a knock at the door. When she hurriedly throws on a robe and answers it, Will Pounder, a plumber, greets her. It seems he has a work order for fixing her broken sink. Although Ebony Goddess Mystique tries to get him to come back another day, Will is booked solid so it has to be now.

She begrudgingly lets him inside but goes straight back to work with him in the background. Although Will tries his hardest to be professional, the more she flaunts her juicy ass for the camera, the more distracted he becomes. When Ebony Goddess Mystique notices this, it's time to give her audience a special treat by inviting Will to join!
Date added: 2021-07-12 Length: 00:32:30 Rating:
Description : Jennifer White is having a relaxing evening home when Lala Ivey knocks on the door. As soon as Jennifer sees her, her eyes go wide with worry as she hurriedly steps outside to join her, closing the door behind her. Jennifer is shifty because she's having a secret affair with Lala and doesn't want her husband to find out! But when Lala invites her out for a night of fun, Jennifer can't resist...
Date added: 2021-07-09 Length: 00:47:43 Rating:
Description : Sarah Lace is relaxing in her bedroom when she calls Donny Sins. She bites her lip, inviting Donny over and telling him that she's feeling kind of adventurous today...the ANAL kind of adventurous!

When Donny comes over later, he walks into Sarah's bedroom, only to find it empty. But there's a note on the bed telling him to take his clothes off. Donny smiles with anticipation as he gets naked, lying down on the bed to wait for Sarah. But he doesn't have to wait for long, because Sarah walks in a moment later, looking super hot in some sexy lingerie.

Sarah's excited for Donny to stretch her tight ass out, and Donny's more than ready to give Sarah what she wants!
Date added: 2021-07-07 Length: 00:25:26 Rating:
Description : Kat Dior is checking her mail when she sees that her neighbor, Danny Mountain, is walking by. She immediately pulls at her top so that one of her breasts becomes visible, and makes sure that Danny sees it as she waves to him.

As the days go by, Kat continues to find ways to flaunt her hot body for Danny. When he visits her so they can hang out, she answers the door in only a towel, pretending that she was just about to take a shower. She also gets 'stuck' in her sexy lingerie and asks him to help her out, and asks him to help her with scratches on her floor while she bends over to show that she's not wearing panties.

Danny finally asks her outright if she's interested in him, and she admits that she is. He says that he finds her attractive, but worries that it might get awkward if they were to become intimate, since they're neighbors. Kat points out that makes it even better, since being neighbors means they can see each other all the time! That's enough to convince Danny, so he finally gets to taste Kat's sweet body, and Kat eagerly sucks and rides his cock!
Date added: 2021-07-03 Length: 00:42:32 Rating:
Description : Nathan Bronson is a writer who is hitting the writer's block of his life. No matter what he tries, nothing is flowing or coming together just right. At this rate, he's NEVER going to get his book done! ESPECIALLY with the deadline looming ever closer.

That's when he calls his friend for help and is told it sounds like he needs to find himself a muse. Although Nathan's a bit skeptical, he's desperate and willing to try ANYTHING at this point, so he accepts the help.

When there's a knock on the door a few minutes later, he's stunned as he meets the gorgeous Alexis Tae, who declares herself to be his muse. It looks like Nathan's about to get more than just his creative juices flowing!
Date added: 2021-06-30 Length: 00:40:15 Rating:
Description : Dante Colle and Lauren Phillips, a married couple, have been going to marriage counseling the past six months. Casey Kisses, their therapist, has been helping them work through their communication problems to become closer than ever.

Today is their last session with Casey and as she asks them what they've thought of the whole experience, she gets quite the shock! The couple admits that they've developed an interest in Casey over time and, as a way for them to further explore themselves as a couple, want to end things by having a bit of unrestrained fun with her.

Although Casey's a bit hesitant at first, she genuinely wants to help them and see them succeed, so why not? It's yet another lesson in communication!
Date added: 2021-06-27 Length: 00:39:10 Rating:
Description : Adira Allure shows up at Sarah Lace's place to check out her new apartment. As Adira looks around, Sarah expresses her gratitude to Adira for helping her get the place.

Adira gets a flirty look in her eye, sitting down. She bites her lip and pats the couch, motioning for Sarah to sit down next to her. Sarah comes over, taking a seat. Sarah mentions that it's tough being on her own, and Adira says she's NOT on her own...she has Adira, not to mention a great job at Adira's husband's firm.

Sarah asks Adira if Adira's husband knows that she helped Sarah get the apartment. Adira shakes her head, saying that that is on a need-to-know basis. But - Adira adds with a sultry glance at Sarah - the important thing is now that Sarah has a place of her own, she and Adira no longer have to sneak around. Gone are the days when they have to go to hotel rooms to fool around.

They have all the privacy in the world now, and you can be sure they're going to take full advantage of that!
Date added: 2021-06-25 Length: 00:33:59 Rating:
Description : Van Wylde needs a new employee for his babysitting company. He interviews Raven Right for the job. She has previous babysitting experience, so she seems like a good candidate. But just to be sure, he needs to ask further questions. He describes several different scenarios, asking her how she would react. From the way Raven answers the questions, it's clear that she is patient and has an open mind. So far, so good. Just to be sure he's going to like working with her, he has one more test: He takes out his cock, and asks Raven what she's going to do about THIS scenario right now. So she demonstrates on him, first with her mouth, then with her pussy!
Date added: 2021-06-21 Length: 00:37:19 Rating:
Description : Lacy Lennon is hanging out with her husband at home, discussing Lacy's cousin and her husband David Lee. Lacy isn't sure how she feels about the fact that David and his wife are in an open relationship.

At that moment, their conversation is interrupted when David and his wife show up for dinner. Lacy pulls David's wife aside to chat with her, while Lacy's husband talks to David, asking him how his open relationship is going. David has nothing but good things to say about the arrangement that he has with his wife.

Lacy's husband thinks that sounds great, adding that he and Lacy haven't had sex in SIX months. Maybe if Lacy was interested in a similar arrangement, it might help their spark come back. David suggests that he ask Lacy, but Lacy's husband doesn't think that's a good idea, since he doesn't want Lacy to think he's unhappy.

Lacy's husband suggests that if David flirts with Lacy, he could flirt with David's wife. David says he'll do it on one condition - if Lacy is interested, THEY get to fuck. Lacy's husband agrees. David then asks Lacy if she needs any help with dinner and they go into the kitchen together.

Alone with Lacy, David gets flirty. Lacy is a little hesitant since she's never been with anyone but her husband, but she is very attracted to David and can't resist his charms for long. They come together for a steamy kiss.

Seems like Lacy is liking David's open marriage now!
Date added: 2021-06-19 Length: 00:36:38 Rating:
Description : Alura Jenson is NOT impressed with having to bail her stepson, AJ, out of jail. What could he have gotten himself into??

Although it takes some prodding, she eventually learns that AJ was with an escort because he wanted to try something... different. This only confuses Alura even more because what could he possibly have been looking for that he couldn't get from the other girls in his life?

But when AJ shyly admits that he wanted to try anal, suddenly everything clicks. That's when Alura offers to give him EXACTLY what he wants so that she can keep him out of trouble!
Date added: 2021-06-16 Length: 00:30:10 Rating:
Description : Michael DelRay got himself in a bit of a pickle. He sheepishly reveals to his girlfriend, April Olsen, that he got into a little fender bender on the way home with a woman named Candice Kane. Although everyone's fine, dealing with the insurance and cops is going to be a headache, so he's invited Candice back so that they can settle things between them.

Although April's shocked, once Candice arrives, she's immediately smitten with this tall, dark-haired beauty. Luckily, it seems like Candice is smitten with BOTH of them as well, and it doesn't take long before everyone gets a bit flirty. Maybe there's a much more fun way to settle this little incident so that EVERYONE wins!
Date added: 2021-06-14 Length: 00:31:30 Rating:
Description : Scotty P and his friend are hanging out with each other. The guys glance over at their wives, commenting to each other about how hot the ladies are. At the same time, Scotty's friend's wife, Kuleana, is talking to Scotty's wife about how hot she finds Scotty.

Scotty's wife seems intrigued by the idea of Kuleana getting a taste of her husband, but SHE wants some of Kuleana's hubby too. The wives agree to go for it, just as their husbands walk up to them. Kuleana knows what she wants, and gets it, rubbing her ass on Scotty. But that's just the warm-up, and she leads Scotty to the bedroom to have her way with him.

Can Scotty handle his friend's wild wife?
Date added: 2021-06-11 Length: 00:45:36 Rating:
Description : It's a normal day around the house for Nathan Bronson... until he catches his sexy stepmom, Lily Lane, naked and masturbating in the backyard!

He's unable to take his eyes off her and she quickly catches him, scolding him while wrapping a towel around her body. But Nathan isn't deterred and comes onto her instead, insisting that it's clear she's looking for a little something extra to satisfy her... That's when Lily, intrigued, admits that there might be ONE thing her mischievous stepson can do for her!
Date added: 2021-06-08 Length: 00:35:21 Rating:
Description : Charles Dera, his friend, and both of their wives get home after a fun night out. The guys can't help but comment on how sexy the girls were on the dancefloor. When the ladies leave the room to freshen up for a moment, the guys get excited.

They can feel it, TONIGHT'S the night it's going to happen - they'll finally get to fuck each other's wives! Just then, the ladies come back into the room. With a mischievous look, Charles suggests that his friend and Charles's wife go down to the hot tub. They leave, and Charles is alone with his friend's wife, Honey Gold.

Charles tells Honey that seeing her on the dancefloor had his cock ROCK hard. Honey likes what she's hearing, biting her lip as she looks at Charles.

Charles is about to find out that his friend's wife is JUST as skilled in the bedroom as she is on the dancefloor...
Date added: 2021-06-05 Length: 00:44:15 Rating:
Description : Lauren Phillips and her stepson, Ricky Spanish, are tidying up at the end of a shift at the coffee shop. Lauren is so proud of Ricky having stepped up to help fill in today while they were short-staffed. In fact, she wishes they could work together like this ALL the time. Just imagine how much FUN they'd have!

While Ricky agrees it'd be fun, and that he's glad she's chasing her dreams of owning the coffee shop, he's NOT expecting it when the conversation takes a sexual turn. You know, owning a coffee shop isn't the ONLY thing Lauren dreams about... She wants anal, and lots of it, but her husband won't deliver! Now it's REALLY time for Ricky to step up!
Date added: 2021-06-02 Length: 00:40:54 Rating:
Description : Johnny Hill is talking on the phone with his ex-girlfriend, Lena Moon. It turns out that Lena is in town for business, so he tells her to come over so they can hang out. But then Johnny's current girlfriend, Korra Del Rio, walks in and asks him who he was talking to. When Korra finds out that it was Lena, she immediately knows that Johnny is hoping they can all have a threesome. Johnny denies this, but Korra knows what's up.

Later on, all three of them are gathered in Johnny's apartment. They do some catching up, and Lena says that she just purchased a lingerie company. She even models some lingerie for them, showing off her nice curves and pretty cock. When Lena asks if they like what they see, Korra lifts up her skirt, showing that her own pretty cock finds the sight VERY pleasing.

Korra starts to suck on Lena's cock, and then Johnny joins in by sucking on Korra's cock. Looks like Johnny is going to get the threesome of his dreams!
Date added: 2021-05-30 Length: 00:35:57 Rating:
Description : Will Pounder is on the phone with his buddy Jack. Will and Jack have arranged to swap wives for one night, and Will is making sure that Jack isn't backing out.

Jack is a little hesitant, worried that they'll have trouble talking his wife, Scarlett Mae, into it. Will assures him that once he's alone with Scarlett, he'll have no trouble closing the deal. Will tells Jack that they'll all meet at his beach rental and go from there.

Later, Will, Jack, and their wives come back to the beach house after a nice dinner. Will winks at Jack, who makes an excuse to leave the room with Will's wife. Left alone, Will and Scarlett chat. Will quickly starts to get flirty and gently broaches the subject of swinging, a lifestyle that he and his wife share. Scarlett seems intrigued as she catches on that Will and Jack brought them there to swap. She's obviously attracted to Will, so she's ultimately all for it. Scarlett strips her clothes off, revealing her perfect, tight body.

Looks like Will closed the deal after all!
Date added: 2021-05-28 Length: 00:36:20 Rating:
Description : Anthony Pierce is enjoying his new apartment, waiting for his friend to come over and hang out, when he gets an unexpected visit from his hot stepmom, Sloan Rider. He can see that she's upset and when he asks about it, he finds out that Sloan is mad because her partner won't fuck her in the ass! But Anthony is a good boy that would give her what his parent can't, right...?

It doesn't take much from Sloan to convince Anthony to drop his pants. When his friend, Tyler Cruise, shows up late, Sloan is happy to let him join in on the fun, too!
Date added: 2021-05-26 Length: 00:30:18 Rating:
Description : Sawyer Cassidy knocks on the door of her new neighbors, to say hello and welcome them to the area. The neighbors introduce themselves as AJ and his girlfriend, Mina Moon, and they invite Sawyer inside to join them for game night.

Well, it turns out that their idea of game night starts with a sexy version of Truth or Dare, and eventually Mina dares Sawyer to give AJ a lapdance. But Sawyer isn't sure what to do, so Mina helps out by giving Sawyer a lapdance first. Later, they play Spin the Bottle, resulting in lots and lots of kisses. After that, they're all so revved up that they end up having a sexy threesome, starting with both ladies sucking on AJ's cock!