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Date added: 2021-10-13 Length: 00:33:57 Rating:
Description : Smash Thompson is at work when his hot girlfriend Ivory Mayhem drops by to bring him his lunch. Ivory is a little annoyed with Smash because he didn't fuck her that morning before he left. He KNOWS how much she loves her morning fuck. Smash apologizes, saying that he was running late. Ivory tells Smash that she'll be ready and waiting for him when he gets home later.

And later that night, when Smash gets home from work, he doesn't disappoint, giving Ivory the cock that she's been craving all day.

It will definitely be worth the wait!
Date added: 2021-10-11 Length: 00:31:22 Rating:
Description : Vanessa Vega is walking down the street when she runs into her acquaintance Payton Preslee. Payton is in the process of looking for a new apartment. Vanessa, who lives in the neighborhood, mentions that there are some available units in her building. Maybe Payton would like to come check out her place? Payton happily agrees and the ladies head over to Vanessa's place.

When they get to Vanessa's place and Payton looks around, she loves what she sees. Vanessa offers to give the building manager Payton's number. Payton is really grateful for Vanessa's help and decides to show Vanessa how much she appreciates treating her to some HOT sex!
Date added: 2021-10-06 Length: 00:36:41 Rating:
Description : Jayden Marcos has a treat to share with his girlfriend, Pixi Lust. It's a cake to celebrate their first anniversary! Pixi is surprised, and Jayden admits that he started counting from the day they first met, rather than the day they started dating, which was three months later. Pixi is impressed that Jayden kept track of those dates, and says that he truly is an amazing boyfriend.

Jayden replies that Pixi is an amazing girlfriend, and he can't imagine being with anybody else. They happily kiss, then get undressed so Jayden can see Pixi's pretty lingerie, and suck on her lovely cock. Looks like this is going to be a very memorable anniversary!
Date added: 2021-10-03 Length: 00:28:49 Rating:
Description : Khloe Kapri is in detention when she gets a call on her cell phone. Her teacher Clarke Kent can't believe his eyes when she brazenly answers it and starts talking. Clarke warns Khloe to get off the phone and after a moment, she finally does.

Trying to get a rise out of her teacher, Khloe talks back to Clarke. They get into a brief argument as Clarke gets more and more frustrated with Khloe's bratty attitude.

Khloe gets an idea, a mischievous look coming over her. She picks her skirt up and bends over in front of Clarke, showing off her perky ass. Clarke is shocked as Khloe goads Clarke into spanking her. He tries to resist his temptation, but he can't hold back for long. Finally, he smacks Khloe's ass as she gasps with pleasure.

This is one detention neither one of them will ever forget!
Date added: 2021-09-30 Length: 00:41:01 Rating:
Description : Married couple Kaiia Eve and Dominic Pacifico arrive at a furniture sale. They introduce themselves to the salesperson, Dillon Diaz, and he shows them around, mentioning that all the items are part of an estate sale for someone who used to be a swinger. As they walk the showroom, Dillon tells them that they have plenty of furniture, particularly couches, to choose from.

Kaiia and Dominic soon find a couch that they like and the three of them sit down to discuss it. Dominic and Kaiia can't help but wonder aloud what kind of steamy swinging action took place on the couch. As the three of them speculate on what the couch has seen, they get hornier and hornier, and when Dominic and Kaiia suggest that they all have some fun together, Dillon is all for it.

This is one furniture sale that they won't soon forget!
Date added: 2021-09-27 Length: 00:30:59 Rating:
Description : Chad Alva is relaxing when Everly Haze enters the home, their eyes meeting. He's shocked since he hasn't seen her since high school and is surprised to learn she's there to help babysit his younger siblings. Sparks fly between them, especially when Chad later sees Everly tidying up. When she catches him staring at her ass, she invites him to come closer... and that's when it's time to take care of some old AND new desires!
Date added: 2021-09-25 Length: 00:30:38 Rating:
Description : Steve Holmes is working when he's visited by Claudia Valentine. After a brief greeting, Claudia admits to Steve that she's been feeling pretty down lately. You see, she and her wife have been desperately trying to become pregnant but with no success. The artificial insemination has been a bust. But that's why she's there to see Steve... she thinks that if they're to be successful, she needs to be impregnated by the real thing. She needs a REAL cock, no strings attached, and Steve is her LAST HOPE for making her dream family a reality!
Date added: 2021-09-22 Length: 00:27:55 Rating:
Description : Ryder Rey is babysitting for a couple because their teenager, Anthony Pierce, is too irresponsible to do it himself. When she catches him rooting through her bag and sniffing her panties, she realizes he's more than a bit irresponsible -- he's a perv! Luckily for him, she's into that, and it isn't long before Ryder hauls down her shorts, showing Anthony that she's gone commando and is ready for some naughty fun.
Date added: 2021-09-20 Length: 00:51:04 Rating:
Description : Ella Hollywood and Izzy Wilde are in the mood to party... and find someone to party with! That's when they go on the hunt and pick up Adira Allure to join them. With all three of them looking for a wild encounter, this is sure to be one to remember!
Date added: 2021-09-17 Length: 00:30:17 Rating:
Description : Payton Preslee is busy cleaning up the cafe when Robby Echo enters. He's there for a job interview and Payton likes what she sees -- so much so that she ends up hiring him on the spot.

Ever since she broke up with her girlfriend, she's been handling the cafe all by herself and could use the extra help. But there's something ELSE she needs extra help with, too... and it seems like Robby is just the man for the job!
Date added: 2021-09-15 Length: 00:42:53 Rating:
Description : Billy Boston returns home for a swim, only to find that a stranger is lounging by the pool. It turns out that she's Chloe Cherry, the babysitter for his younger siblings. But his younger siblings aren't home, so what is the babysitter even DOING there?

Chloe explains that she likes to hang out by the pool in her spare time, and she invites Billy to hang out with her. In fact, they both seem to be attracted to each other, so they decide to do a lot more than just hang out. They kiss, and then Chloe sucks on Billy's cock, before he pounds his cock into Chloe's pussy, and her ass!
Date added: 2021-09-13 Length: 00:32:53 Rating:
Description : Two teachers, Alexis Tae and Olive Glass, reflect on how hard the past year's been when it comes to teaching. Even though it's been tough, they realize it hasn't been ALL bad because they've been able to spend some... quality time... together since all of the students were taught remotely.

Alexis wonders if Olive has told her husband yet about their affair but Olive says that she doesn't consider what they're doing to be cheating. Yet, Olive also admits that she hasn't exactly told her husband about them either. That's part of the fun and what her husband doesn't know, won't hurt him.

But now that class is about to be done for the summer, it's time for one more steamy encounter to tide them over until fall!
Date added: 2021-09-11 Length: 00:26:56 Rating:
Description : Natasha Nice has only ever been with women, but she's been feeling the need for something MORE these days. She wants to be bold, adventurous, and try something completely outside of her comfort zone... which is why she secretly brought the server home after a night out at a restaurant with friends. Giovanni Francesco is ready to give her whatever she needs and to fulfil her every fantasy without question -- it's time to give HER a tip!
Date added: 2021-09-08 Length: 00:36:44 Rating:
Description : Angelina Please sees off her sexy roommates, Jenna Creed and Ariel Demure, who both are going out on separate -- hopefully hot and heavy -- dates. As soon as they leave, Angelina thinks she has the place to herself and starts to masturbate to take care of her OWN needs... but gets a rude awakening when her roommates later return, both of their dates being duds!

Since everyone is clearly a little sexually frustrated and have nowhere else to go, it's time to help each other out...
Date added: 2021-09-06 Length: 00:42:46 Rating:
Description : Ricky Spanish is blown away when Paige Owens arrives early for her babysitting job. It's just that Ricky's parents and siblings are out right now, so she'll have to come in and wait awhile.

He leads Paige to a room to relax a bit but gets the shock of his life when he later catches her playing with herself. It seems like Paige is making the most of her time before getting ready to work... and Ricky is MORE than happy to help!
Date added: 2021-09-03 Length: 00:28:18 Rating:
Description : Bella Rolland is on the phone with her girlfriend, who isn't due home for another hour. But when their conversation turns steamy and Bella gets horny, she's suddenly interrupted as Rico Hernandez barges into the room.

Bella quickly hangs up and is confronted by Rico, who thinks Bella's cheating on his sibling. Even though Bella's mortified at being caught, she tells him the person on the phone WAS his sibling! BUT, since she's horny and he's handy, there IS a little something RICO can give her that her girlfriend can't...
Date added: 2021-09-01 Length: 00:44:00 Rating:
Description : Wolf Hudson brings home Crystal Thayer and is ready for a fun, steamy night in. But as they get down and dirty, they are unexpectedly interrupted by Jade Venus... who is Wolf's wife! Everyone's even MORE surprised when it's revealed that Jade and Crystal are also exes!

With so much sexual tension in the room, there's really only one way to work it all out.
Date added: 2021-08-25 Length: 00:50:56 Rating:
Description : Skylar Snow and Jay Tee are enjoying a nice hike together, and Jay asks Skylar out on a date. Skylar reminds him that she's married to Draven Navarro, so Jay quickly apologizes. But then Skylar says that she's fine with fucking Jay, because she and her husband have an open relationship. This makes Jay very happy and he kisses her, but then Skylar says that there's one condition: if Jay wants to have sex with her, then he has to have sex with Draven as well! Jay is surprised at first, but then agrees to give it a try.

They go back to Skylar's house, so Draven can watch as Skylar sucks Jay's cock. Then all three of them strip down for even more fun, with Draven pounding his cock into Skylar as she continues to stroke and suck Jay. Eventually, the guys start to touch each other's cocks as well, as the threesome continues to heat up!
Date added: 2021-08-22 Length: 00:33:17 Rating:
Description : Stanley Long is just finishing up with helping GoGo FukMe bring in the last of her things from storage. As GoGo leans over to start unpacking her new apartment, her juicy booty stuck up in the air, Stanley can't help but to stare. Sure, she may be his stepmother's sibling, but how can ANY man ignore an ass like THAT??

He accidentally starts to give away his inner secrets as he compliments how much GoGo and his stepmother look alike. The air only becomes more charged as GoGo shares some of the wild stories from their past. As she does, she can see Stanley getting turned on, so she turns up the heat, teasingly asking if he's ever thought about fucking his stepmom. Although Stanley tries to deny it, when GoGo palms him through his pants, willing to help him live out his naughty fantasy through her, he finally crumbles.
Date added: 2021-08-18 Length: 00:31:27 Rating:
Description : Alex Legend is trying to read a book, but his neighbor Electra Rayne suddenly appears at his window, rubbing her bare nipples against the glass! Alex tries to ignore her, so next Electra knocks on his door. He lets her in, but tells her that he's trying to get some work done, complaining about her distracting behavior and saying that she needs to get herself in check. Electra flashes her tits at him again, saying to get THESE in check. Then she bares her ass and pussy at him. That's enough to finally get Alex to forget about his book, and he takes out his cock so Electra can taste it and let him pound it into her pussy!
Date added: 2021-08-16 Length: 00:31:58 Rating:
Description : Ebony Goddess Mystique is busy looking over the resume of her husband's latest hire, Anna Claire Clouds. She's NOT impressed by what she sees, wondering WHY her husband would hire her, but then it sinks in. Her husband's a horndog, so he DEFINITELY didn't hire Anna for her brain. That's when Ebony Goddess Mystique calls Anna to her office to scope out the competition... but when she finds out Anna is a lesbian, well, Ebony Goddess Mystique's husband isn't the ONLY frisky one!
Date added: 2021-08-11 Length: 00:52:07 Rating:
Description : Cesar Xes has invited his old buddy Jake Waters to come over and spend the night. They haven't seen each other in three years, so this is Jake's first time meeting Cesar's wife, Raven Right. Jake is impressed with Raven, who is both beautiful and a talented cook.

Eventually, Raven privately approaches Jake and offers to fool around with him. Jake is surprised, asking about her husband, but Raven says that her husband likes it when she does this kind of thing. Jake accepts, and Raven says she'll visit him in his room later.

Raven keeps her promise, arriving at Jake's room to eagerly suck and ride his cock. Jake is having a great time with her, but then he's surprised by the sudden appearance of Cesar, who tells him the rules of the household: if Jake wants to fuck Raven, he has to fuck Cesar too. Jake accepts, so he strokes Cesar's cock while continuing to have fun with Raven. And that's just the beginning of this amazing threesome!
Date added: 2021-08-08 Length: 00:30:31 Rating:
Description : Jay Romero is on the phone with his girlfriend but it doesn't sound good. His girlfriend never makes time for him and it looks like he's being shoved aside once again. He's obviously miserable as he hangs up, the fate of their relationship uncertain.

That's when his fiery and protective stepsister, Lily Lane, walks in on him. She calls him out, warning him about how his girlfriend is dragging him through the mud. It's clear to her that Jay's girlfriend takes him for granted. In fact, Lily's convinced that Jay's girlfriend only comes to him for a booty call when she has nothing else to do!

Even though Lily comes on strong, she only wants what's best for her stepbrother... and that's when she gets an idea. It's time to fuck Jay HERSELF and send Jay's girlfriend a video to teach her a lesson!
Date added: 2021-08-04 Length: 00:31:23 Rating:
Description : Lilly Hall is sitting in her car wearing only a towel. She then removes the towel so that she's completely naked. Her neighbor, Will Tile, is sitting in the car next to her, and ends up getting an eyeful. She then starts to get dressed, but steps out of her car while she's still half-naked, so Will ends up seeing her bare ass!

Later that day, Will is watching TV when there's a knock at his door. The visitor turns out to be Lilly, who says that she's having a problem with a bathroom clog and asks if she can use his shower. He says that's fine, so she enters his home. She also apologizes for flashing him earlier, saying that she just came from the beach. However, after stepping into his bathroom, she comes out moments later totally naked, saying that she forgot her conditioner!

Will tries to forget about it, going back to watching TV. However, after Lilly finishes taking a shower, she comes out naked again, and sits near him on the couch. He comments that she appears to be... an exhibitionist. She flirts with him, spreading her legs so he can see her pussy. Will admits that he likes what he sees, showing that his cock is hard. Lilly is happy to help her neighbor with that, and eagerly sucks and rides his dick!