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Date added: 2021-01-20 Length: 00:32:04 Rating:
Description : Jake Adams is resting on the couch when Laney Grey walks by. She didn't know that Jake - her boyfriend's best friend - would be there. She rouses him and his eyes flutter open. He apologizes for surprising her. He's visiting from out of town and arrived early, so he just let himself in.

Laney says it's ok as she tidies up the room a bit. When she bends over in front of him, Jake can't help but look at her juicy ass. When she's finished cleaning up, Laney sits down next to Jake and things immediately get flirty.

They haven't got much time - since Laney's boyfriend will be back from the gym any minute - but you can bet that they're gonna take advantage of every second they have!
Date added: 2021-01-18 Length: 00:41:10 Rating:
Description : Kit Mercer sits down at a restaurant where Dixie Lynn works. But Kit is no ordinary customer... she reveals that she knows her husband (Tyler Nixon) is having an affair with Dixie! Dixie tries to explain herself, saying that she thought Kit and Tyler had an open relationship, but Kit doesn't seem impressed. Is Kit seeking revenge? Nah, she's already decided that her husband's infidelity means that she now has the freedom to fuck her spin instructor, and ALL of her coworkers. Yes, every single one of them! So what does Kit want with Dixie? Why, she wants to watch Dixie fuck her husband, of course.

The next time Kit has sex with Tyler, she brings up a fantasy of inviting another woman into the bedroom. Tyler loves this imaginary scenario, but fantasy soon becomes reality when Dixie shows up wearing sexy lingerie. At first Tyler is worried that he is in big trouble, but Kit explains that she wants to watch them fuck. Dixie energetically sucks Tyler's cock, with encouragement from Kit. Eventually, Kit joins in too, and that's when the threesome fun begins, with limbs and tongues going all over the place...
Date added: 2021-01-16 Length: 00:24:11 Rating:
Description : Kayla Paige is frustrated with one of her students, Tana Waters. She's been caught plagiarizing a major assignment, which means her college scholarship is in danger... If Tana wants Kayla to make it all go away and put a good word in for her, then she's going to have to become the teacher's pet!
Date added: 2021-01-13 Length: 00:28:20 Rating:
Description : Adira Allure is very grateful to her boyfriend's best friend Charles Dera for driving her home when her boyfriend gets stuck at work.

Adira decides that she wants to SHOW Charles how grateful she is, and excitedly bounces up to her room while Charles grabs something in the kitchen. Whipping off her clothes and revealing her tight body, Adira gets a horny look in her eyes as she calls Charles into the room.

When Charles walks in, he gets the surprise of a lifetime as Adira beckons him to join her in bed, her mouth already watering for his big cock.

As long as Adira can keep a secret, Charles is up for ANYTHING!!!
Date added: 2021-01-11 Length: 00:28:40 Rating:
Description : Jon Rogue is visiting his stepdaughter, Khloe Kapri, to get some papers for her to sign. He's exasperated to find her not wearing any pants and flashing her pussy at him, but it's to be expected. He knows she likes to show off... but he's NOT expecting it when, moments later, her neighbor, Alex Mack, shows up. Alex doesn't seem bothered at all by Khloe's nakedness! In fact, once Jon has his back turned, Khloe excitedly jumps Alex to get the show started.
Date added: 2021-01-08 Length: 00:26:07 Rating:
Description : Dale Savage is trying out something new today: a naked cleaning service! When Spencer Bradley shows up to clean his loft, Dale is already excited as she strips down to her bra and panties. He's allowed to watch but can't touch... unless Spencer WANTS him to, of course... and lucky for him, that's EXACTLY what she wants!
Date added: 2021-01-07 Length: 00:33:17 Rating:
Description : Chloe Temple is so jealous when her stepbrother Alex Mack inherits his grandmother's loft in New York City. So much so that she asks him if she can move in with him. Alex is hesitant because that could really cut down on him bringing girls over. Chloe is quick to point out how she is a chick magnet and would be the perfect partner to get girls to come back to the loft. In fact, did they not have a threesome with her best friend Becky when he came home to visit?? He sure had no trouble fucking Chloe then. But this set up could be awkward for Alex as he would be spending a lot of time fucking his stepsister alone without another girl. Chloe acts quickly, reminding him just how good a fuck she can be. Cause NOBODY has a better pussy than this horny little stepsister!
Date added: 2021-01-04 Length: 00:25:22 Rating:
Description : Skylar Vox needs some help getting sexy pictures of herself for her social media and isn't shy about asking her stepdad, Tommy Gunn, for help. She's straight up with him, letting him know she'll be naked, but Tommy sheepishly goes along with it, anyway... until Skylar's boyfriend, Rion King, arrives. But Skylar wins him over again and Tommy's soon taking pictures of his stepdaughter doing the deed right in front of him!
Date added: 2021-01-01 Length: 00:25:38 Rating:
Description : Jay Crew is enjoying a nice cup of coffee at a local cafe, although he can't keep his eyes off the sexy barista, Katie Kush. When she strikes up a conversation with him, he's mortified to learn that he once dated Katie's grandmother... and that the grandmother told the whole family about his dick pics! Thankfully, this was a major turn-on for Katie, who's eager to finally see the real thing.
Date added: 2020-12-27 Length: 00:28:25 Rating:
Description : Spencer Bradley stops by to see her step-dad, Dale Savage, at work. After greeting Dale, Spencer gets a mischievous look on her face and pulls her skirt up, revealing her pussy. Dale is shocked at Spencer's exhibitionist ways as one of his employees, Jay Romero, walks in.

Dale is even more shocked when Jay and Spencer recognize each other. Spencer winks at Jay, pulling down her top and flashing her perky breasts. Looks like Jay and Spencer were more than just friends, and Spencer wants to pick up where they left off, grabbing his cock.

Dale looks on in shock, trying to turn away. But when Spencer begs him to watch her get fucked by Jay, sliding down to her knees and taking Jay's cock down her throat, Dale can't tear his eyes away!
Date added: 2020-12-26 Length: 00:27:36 Rating:
Description : Jon Rogue, a teacher, is correcting homework when he receives a text message from one of his students, Khloe Kapri. When he opens it, he's stunned as he's flooded with pictures of Khloe showing off her pussy, asking him when she can get his dick. Once Khloe arrives in his classroom to follow up with the text, Jon tries to resist, but she's 18 and graduating in two weeks, so why not??
Date added: 2020-12-24 Length: 00:33:56 Rating:
Description : Spencer Bradley is on the phone talking to a friend about Spencer's step-brother Donnie Rock. Her friend tells her that Donnie is famous, but won't tell Spencer what Donnie is famous for, so Spencer decides to look it up herself.

Spencer goes into the living room where Donnie is hanging out, takes out her phone and looks up Donnie. Spencer is totally shocked and intrigued by what she finds out.

Donnie looks over and notices Spencer's surprised expression. He asks Spencer what she's looking at. She's a little cagey at first but she finally admits what she just found out about Donnie - that he's a porn star!

Now that she knows why Donnie is famous, it gives Spencer an idea. She isn't too experienced when it comes to sex and needs some help practicing, so she figured she would come to the expert! Donnie is a little hesitant at first but he quickly agrees to show her the ropes.

You know what they say - practice makes perfect!
Date added: 2020-12-20 Length: 00:25:46 Rating:
Description : Jay Crew is in over his head when it comes to his mischievous stepdaughter, Katie Kush. She always walks around NAKED in the house, not seeming to care that it makes him uncomfortable! It's like she has no boundaries and enjoys pushing his buttons... Sure enough, when she has her boyfriend, Ricky Spanish, over one day, Jay's beyond shocked when Katie convinces Ricky to have sex right in front of him!
Date added: 2020-12-19 Length: 00:27:12 Rating:
Description : Wanting to work on her tan, Skylar Vox grabs a towel and sets it outside of her apartment complex. As the sun warms her bare skin, her neighbor, Tommy Gunn, spies on her from his own apartment door. When Skylar catches him, she confronts him, realizing that he's just frustrated because he misses his late wife. It looks like if Skylar wants to stop his peeping ways, she'll have to give him exactly what he wants!
Date added: 2020-12-16 Length: 00:40:59 Rating:
Description : McKenzie Lee and Lauren Phillips, two loving wives, are curled up in bed together. McKenzie curiously asks if Lauren ever thinks about cock, which Lauren insists that her days with men are over! Then McKenzie playfully insists that who says she's talking about MEN with dicks? She has a trans coworker that's pretty free-spirited and TOTALLY down to join them... Then the sexy coworker, Casey Kisses, shows up and joins the wives for a steamy threesome!
Date added: 2020-12-13 Length: 00:29:07 Rating:
Description : Natasha Starr stops by the jobsite to check on how work is progressing. Isiah Maxwell tells her he's almost done and shows Natasha around.

Natasha is extremely happy with the work so far. Getting a horny look in her eye, she tells Isiah that since her husband isn't around at the moment, she wants to thank Isiah for all his hard work. She has the PERFECT way to thank him, getting on her knees and sliding his cock down her throat.

Natasha just LOVES showing Isiah how much she appreciates him!
Date added: 2020-12-12 Length: 00:32:57 Rating:
Description : When Haley Reed has finally had it with her cheating lying boyfriend she knows immediately who to turn to: her best friend in the whole wide world, Hazel Grace. Hazel discovered a couple of years ago that men were bad news and has been with women ever since. Life has been so much easier and she is immediately there to help Haley get through this sad time in her life. After being a good friend and listening to her problems, Hazel gives her sound words of advice and helps her put thought into action. Haley has never been with a woman before so is of course naturally worried. Hazel puts her at ease and seduces her best friend Haley into the world of lesbian lovemaking.
Date added: 2020-12-10 Length: 00:28:31 Rating:
Description : Silvia Saige is ready to get some sexy pictures taken for her portfolio... and who better to help her out than her best friend's husband?? Charles Dera comes HIGHLY recommended and he's just as excited as she is for the chance to work INTIMATELY together. Of course, as Charles directs Silvia into a variety of steamy poses, it's not only the stage lighting heating them up!
Date added: 2020-12-08 Length: 00:30:35 Rating:
Description : Brad Newman arrives at his dad's house. Needing to use the bathroom, he rushes in, but is shocked when his step-sister Laney Grey walks into the room, about to take a shower.

Brad hasn't seen Laney in awhile and looks her up and down, smiling as he bites his lip. She's DEFINITELY grown up to be quite the hottie. When Brad tells her she looks sexy, Laney's flattered, glancing down and noticing that Brad has a boner.

She can't take her eyes off his cock...and it isn't long before she can't keep her HANDS off of it either!
Date added: 2020-12-03 Length: 00:24:40 Rating:
Description : Silvia Saige and Donnie Rock are a married couple trying to get their new nightclub up and running. Tensions are high as they struggle to fix malfunctioning equipment, their frustrations boiling over as they make snide remarks at each other. Finally, Donnie has to leave for a meeting, telling Silvia to call their sound guy, Charles Dera, to take care of everything.

Silvia does just that and it isn't long before Charles arrives. She's instantly taken by his rugged handsomeness, especially once he gets a bit hot under the stage light and throws aside his shirt. Before she knows it, their bodies are crashing together... Once Charles starts undressing Silvia and tugging at her nipples, all thoughts of Donnie are gone from her mind -- Charles will definitely take care of EVERYTHING!
Date added: 2020-12-01 Length: 00:43:16 Rating:
Description : Dillon Diaz and his partner Sidra Sage are excited to be bringing in a third person to play with them in the bedroom! When they meet that person - the gorgeous Izzy Wilde - for the first time, they are not disappointed, loving what they see.

The three of them have instant chemistry and can't wait to get their hands on each other. They quickly go back to Izzy's nearby loft, where Dillon and Sidra sensually help Izzy off with her clothes, revealing her tight body and beautiful, hard cock.

These three know exactly what they like...and exactly how to get it!
Date added: 2020-11-29 Length: 00:26:43 Rating:
Description : Robby Echo is hanging out at home when his wife's best friend, Vanessa Vega, comes over to grab a hairbrush she left behind. But now that they're alone, Vanessa takes this rare opportunity to grill Robby a little. You see, Robby's wife told her that he's interested in anal but that the wife doesn't want to do it! Although Robby's embarrassed, it's actually his lucky day since Vanessa's ready to finally fulfill his naughty fantasy...
Date added: 2020-11-26 Length: 00:30:34 Rating:
Description : Rion suspects his wife has been cheating on him. He can tell. She has been acting differently lately. So one day he plans on showing up at his house when she least expects it to catch her in the act. Confiding in his employee Ramon he asks if Ramon has heard anything or seen any suspicious behavior by his wife. Ramon confirms he has not. Little does Rion know that Ramon is the man his wife has been fucking. She shows up at the bar soon after Rion leaves and immediately starts fucking the help again. Does this woman have no shame? She lives for the thrill and it shows as she sucks Ramons humongous monster cock with a vengeance. Soon she is being impaled with his diamond cutting hard cock and fucked all over the bar. Squirting and cumming the bitch in heat fucks like there is not tomorrow and soon finds her reward in a faceful of delectable semen sauce. But just as the penis quits ejaculating Rion shows back up at the bar and catches the two in the act. Oh shame shame shame indeed. Rion tells her to pack her bags and fires the treacherous Ramon.
Date added: 2020-11-23 Length: 00:44:20 Rating:
Description : Johnny Hill is on the phone, talking to a mystery man. Johnny tells him that he can't WAIT to suck his cock.

But little does Johnny know that his wife Petra Blair has been listening to his entire conversation from the other room! Petra looks shocked at what she just heard, but then seems to get an idea.

Later, Sergeant Miles arrives at the house. Petra greets him and tells him why she called him over. As Johnny's best friend, he knows him better than anyone. When Petra questions Miles about the phone call she heard, Miles admits that Johnny is bi, but he doesn't know how to tell her. 'That's where YOU come in,' Petra says with a mischievous smile.

Later that night, Johnny comes home and is shocked to find Petra and Miles in bed together. Petra tells Johnny that she invited Miles over for a threesome to spice the marriage up a bit. Johnny doesn't need any convincing and the three of them take their clothes off, ready to get down and dirty.

Petra's going to show Johnny that he never needed to hide anything from her!
Date added: 2020-11-21 Length: 00:42:36 Rating:
Description : It's been tough for Natasha with the divorce and all. Her credit is shot and she can't even get cleared to rent a new house. It's very convenient that her best friend is married to a well to do husband who is more than willing to sign for her new condo at the marina. Obviously he does not tell his wife what he is doing as sometimes wives just don't understand. Natasha sure does and wants to show her appreciation the only way she really knows how -- by offering up her ass to Tyler in the most sincere way. Natasha knows her best friend does not like putting in the extra effort for anal and she loves a good ass plowing so this will work out nicely. Now Tyler's wife's best friend is also his mistress and the place he signed the lease for is his love shock.
Date added: 2020-11-18 Length: 00:31:57 Rating:
Description : Lily is really put on the spot when her stepsister Chloe the musician shows up at the coffee house/club she works at and asks to get a slot again performing her songs at the club. Last time Chloe did that she got the entire club singing about burning it down and how Lily's boss was an asshole. Lily cannot have that happen again. Chloe promises she will tone down her performance and play it safe She also explains to Lily how hot she has always though her stepsister was. Maybe it was the passion of the moment or the fact they could have been caught but Lily gets swept up and the next thing you know the two step sisters are making sweet lesbian love on the stage Chloe will soon be performing on.
Date added: 2020-11-14 Length: 00:57:04 Rating:
Description : Spencer Bradley is shocked to find her husband Dillon Diaz's phone filled with links to gay porn. When she confronts him about it, he points out it is not gay, it is bi. See, there is a woman involved. Furthermore, Dillon claims the links were sent to him by his friend Dante Colle. Like any wife, she immediately starts interrogating her husband and he admits he has had homosexual sex in his past. Far from upsetting Spencer, this only intrigues and turns her on. She wants her husband to bring Dante to the house and have a threesome. Dante arrives and when he realizes he is not in trouble and that Spencer is dying to watch her husband with another man, he breaks his gay-only preference and dives into the fun of bisexual adventures. Spencer and Dillon enjoy sucking his cock together and he gets to fuck Dillon in his ass with Spencer egging them on. Soon, they are triple bi stacked and enjoying the myriad of possibilities that only a bisexual threesome can offer.