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Date added: 2021-04-16 Length: 00:32:38 Rating:
Description : Eliza Ibarra is doing her best at work, but she can't help making mistakes, which really upsets her boss, Tyler Nixon. He warns her that her job performance better improve, and walks out of the office. But as much as Eliza wants to do a good job, she's so turned on by Tyler that she can't focus, rubbing her little pussy underneath her desk.

Later that day, Tyler comes back in. Horny out of her mind and eager to make up for her poor performance, Eliza bends her juicy ass over her desk, inviting Tyler to punish her. Tyler doesn't need to be asked twice, and smacks Eliza's ass as Eliza moans with pleasure, begging for more.

Tyler was really riding Eliza hard, but now it's ELIZA'S turn to do the riding!
Date added: 2021-04-14 Length: 00:36:25 Rating:
Description : Charles Dera comes home to his beautiful wife, Lacey London. To his surprise, Lacey has a guest with her: their lovely nextdoor neighbor, Adira Allure. But the excitement doesn't stop there, because Adira tells them that she just got back from Europe, where she attended sex parties and other wild events. She wants to keep the fun going at home, so she invites Lacey and Charles to attend a swing party at her house on the weekend!

They all agree to attend the party, but they also agree that they don't even need to wait for the weekend to have fun, so they have a sexy threesome right then and there. Adira eats out Lacey's pussy, and Charles fucks both ladies. Looks like this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship!
Date added: 2021-04-12 Length: 00:36:52 Rating:
Description : Raven Right is moving into her own place for the first time. Her helpful stepdad, Tyler Nixon, assists her with moving furniture into the new apartment, and then they sit down for some well-deserved rest. Raven says that she's going to miss living at home, but Tyler reassures her and says that she should enjoy the freedom of being on her own. Raven decides that this is her last chance to confess something to her stepdad... she fantasizes about having sex with him.

In fact, just talking about it now gets Raven so excited that she starts rubbing her pussy right in front of Tyler. It's clearly exciting for Tyler as well, because his dick becomes rock hard. So Raven offers to help him out with that, letting him stick his cock into her lovely mouth. Later, she bends over to show off her pretty butt plug, and invites him to take it out so he can slap her ass and then fuck her!
Date added: 2021-04-10 Length: 00:24:09 Rating:
Description : Daisy Stone is a beautiful office assistant. She welcomes a guest to the office, Jon Rogue. It turns out that Jon flew in from Chicago to talk to Daisy's boss about buying the building. However, Daisy's boss is nowhere to be found. Daisy tries giving her boss a call, and finds out that he's off fooling around with a woman... as usual. The boss tells Daisy to keep Jon occupied until he can get back. So Daisy tells Jon that her boss is away dealing with a business emergency, but offers to answer any questions he may have about the building in the meantime. Jon suggestively asks Daisy if SHE comes with the building, and that gives Daisy an idea on how to keep Jon occupied, starting with her amazing ass!
Date added: 2021-04-07 Length: 00:52:42 Rating:
Description : Wolf Hudson and April Olsen have just finished up a steamy sex session. As they chat, April muses that she wishes her husband Johnny Hill was more open to hooking up with both women AND men, just like Wolf. April gets an idea, suggesting to Wolf that he uses his charms to loosen Johnny up a bit. Wolf's a little hesitant, since Johnny's one of his closest friends. But April insists that she'll be there too to join in on the fun, and besides, it's time that they tell Johnny that they've been hooking up.

The next day, Johnny is reading in bed when April, dressed in sexy lingerie, slips under the covers with him. April tries to convince Johnny to experiment with a guy, but Johnny is hesitant. At that moment, Wolf walks in, slipping under the covers too as April mentions that she invited him over. Johnny is shocked as April announces that she wants to have a threesome with them. Despite Johnny's hesitation, he ultimately agrees.

After all, there's nothing more important to Johnny than making sure his wife is happy!
Date added: 2021-04-05 Length: 00:43:59 Rating:
Description : Chloe Cherry is chatting on the phone with her friend, giggling about how she and her boyfriend tried anal sex recently. Chloe tells her friend that even though it took some getting used to at first, she really likes it now.

As Chloe continues to chat with her friend about how much she likes anal sex, her stepfather Michael Stefano walks by in the hallway. As he overhears her, his eyes go wide with excitement. But all this talk about getting fucked in the ass is making Chloe's pussy wet, so she ends the call with her friend, saying that she has to rub one out. Chloe is about to put her hands down her pants when Michael knocks on the door, making his presence known.

Michael tells her that he heard her conversation, and was hoping that he and Chloe could do some of what she was talking about. Chloe is all for it, licking her lips hungrily as she looks at Michael.

This cutie's about to get exactly what she's been craving!
Date added: 2021-04-02 Length: 00:43:33 Rating:
Description : Kenzie Reeves is masturbating on her bed, panting and gasping. However, it's not enough to satisfy her. To ask for help, she sends a sexy selfie to Rion King, letting him know that she is SO horny and needs his dick. Luckily, it doesn't take long for him to arrive, and he touches her wet pussy with his fingers, then his tongue. Then they move on the part that Kenzie is really excited about, when she gets to ride his dick!
Date added: 2021-03-31 Length: 00:44:13 Rating:
Description : Angel Youngs is frustrated as she goes over her math homework with her stepdad, Donnie Rock. Why does she have to learn something she's never going to use, anyway? Especially if she can just continue living with Donnie and her mom, Crystal Taylor?? Of course, Donnie doesn't think this is gonna happen, but it seems like his mind may be on more than just studying as he sneaks lustful glances at Angel's chest. When Angel catches him, she is amazed and amused, though then gets a sneaky idea. If Donnie finishes her homework, then she'll finish HIM!

But as they start fooling around, starting with a handjob, Crystal returns home. She's so caught up in starting the housework that she doesn't even notice what her sneaky daughter and husband are up to! But how long can Angel and Donnie escape her gaze as Angel pushes them even further?
Date added: 2021-03-29 Length: 00:27:39 Rating:
Description : Maddy May is getting ready for a night out with her boyfriend when her stepmom, Aaliyah Love, pops into her bedroom for a visit. Maddy's soon heading off to join the military and Aaliyah's eager to get as much bonding time as possible. But it seems Maddy can't be swayed because, since she's going to be going away soon and surrounded only by girls, she wants to spend some QUALITY time with her boyfriend.

Aaliyah is a bit disappointed but also curious. She questions if Maddy's ever been with anyone else beside said boyfriend. What if she needs to turn to WOMEN to get the job done while away?

Maddy is a bit nervous and embarrassed, insisting that her boyfriend's the only person she's ever been with. NOW she's worried that she won't know what to do if she DOES have to turn to other women for relief!

THAT'S when Aaliyah comes up with a GREAT idea on how to spend more quality time with her stepdaughter!
Date added: 2021-03-27 Length: 00:29:26 Rating:
Description : Steve Holmes is relaxing on his couch when he gets an unexpected visitor: Vina Sky, his pretty young neighbor. It turns out that Vina has a problem: She was having sex with her boyfriend, but then someone saw them and threw a pan at the boyfriend. To make things worse, the boyfriend panicked and ran away, even though Vina didn't get to orgasm yet! Vina asks Steve to help out by satisfying her hot pussy, so Steve decides to be a good neighbor and let Vina take a ride on his cock!
Date added: 2021-03-24 Length: 00:47:26 Rating:
Description : Dillon Diaz is surprised when he comes home and finds his wife Nicole Sage hanging out with Aspen X, an old friend of Dillon's who is in town visiting. Aspen mentions to Dillon that he was telling Nicole all about the good times they used to have in college - including the time that Dillon blew Aspen!

Nicole is extremely turned on by this info. She licks her lips, asking if she can see Dillon sucking Aspen's cock RIGHT NOW. Dillon's a little hesitant at first, but he can't resist the combined allure of Nicole and Aspen for long...
Date added: 2021-03-22 Length: 00:34:26 Rating:
Description : Sofie Marie is heartbroken as she tapes up the last of her stepdaughter's moving boxes. Delilah Day is finally ready to leave the nest and start her new life as a college girl. Sofie is going to miss her but Delilah promises that they'll still see each other plenty. She even teases about bringing Sofie to her college parties, which Sofie is all for since she loves to party. They BOTH love trying wild, new things.

But all this packing has made them both hot, especially Delilah, who suddenly sees her sweaty stepmom in a new, sexy light. As they compliment each other's physiques, their emotions running high, the air between them becomes undeniably charged. Things are already changing between them, so what's one more sexy change?
Date added: 2021-03-19 Length: 00:37:00 Rating:
Description : Eliza Ibarra is on vacation in Spain... So why is she staying inside instead of going out and having fun? Ramon Nomar is concerned and asks her what's wrong, so Eliza sadly explains that she figured out through a video call that her boyfriend back home is cheating on her. Ramon is sympathetic, and tells her that the best way to get over that scumbag is to have fun without him. Eliza realizes that Ramon is coming on to her, and decides that DOES sound like a good time. In fact, they end up having a GREAT time, with lots of kissing, and Ramon sucking on her breasts, and Eliza riding Ramon's cock!
Date added: 2021-03-17 Length: 00:27:39 Rating:
Description : Maddy May is checking herself out in the mirror when her stepmom Aaliyah Love walks in. Aaliyah compliments Maddy on her sexy outfit. Maddy mentions that she has plans with her boyfriend for the night, and Aaliyah is disappointed, since they were supposed to have a family dinner.

When Aaliyah tries to convince Maddy to stay in for the night, Maddy insists that there are some things she CAN'T do with Aaliyah - like sex. Aaliyah begs to differ though. She knows that Maddy doesn't need a man to please her...and she's going to show Maddy exactly why!
Date added: 2021-03-15 Length: 00:35:41 Rating:
Description : Nina Elle and her stepdaughter, Violet Myers, are enjoying a much-needed spa night. With Violet moving away for college soon, this is going to be their last spa night for a while, which means they're going to pull ALL the stops. Nina wants to make sure Violet is all nice and radiant for the next big adventure in her life. That's when Nina offers to give Violet a massage, but once she gets her hands on Violet, things quickly take a sensual turn. It looks like it's time for THEM to have their own big adventure, too!
Date added: 2021-03-13 Length: 00:25:18 Rating:
Description : Daisy Stone lets Charles Dera into her apartment, assuring him that her roommate isn't home, so they can take as much time as they want. Daisy and Charles originally connected through a dating site, and today they just had their first date at a restaurant. They hit it off right away... in fact, they hit it off SO well that Charles finger-banged Daisy in the restaurant bathroom, and now they've rushed back to Daisy's apartment so they can do MORE! They get on the bed and kiss, and Charles says that Daisy's hot wet pussy is so yummy. Then Daisy eagerly sucks on his cock... Looks like they're BOTH going to get yummy desserts!
Date added: 2021-03-10 Length: 00:49:11 Rating:
Description : Johnny knew New York City was on a mandatory lockdown but figured they could avoid quarantine by not flying in but driving in on the turnpike. Next thing you know he and his wife and his gay buddy Vince are all being held in a hotel loft for 10 days to quarantine. Maybe this is why Vince volunteered to drive them so he could be locked up with the sexy Johnny and sooner or later love would take it's course. Boy does it ever. Abbie has always said she thought her hubby was a bit bisexual and encouraged him to engage in sex with other men but Johnny was hesitant. Finally he gives into what he thought was just a simple blowjob to keep Vince happy but Abbie catches them and takes it much further. Next thing you know the boys are buttfucking each other. Oh well -- what happens in quarantine stays in quarantine.
Date added: 2021-03-08 Length: 00:27:57 Rating:
Description : Christie Stevens is busy baking some sweets with her sweet stepdaughter, Indica Monroe. As they work together, they share fond memories of their time in the kitchen. It's all bittersweet since Indica will be going away to college soon and Christie is already feeling empty nest syndrome taking hold. But when Indica accidentally gets icing on her shirt and removes it, showing off her sexy bra and perky breasts, LUST takes hold of Christie instead!
Date added: 2021-03-04 Length: 00:36:46 Rating:
Description : Nina Elle is running a business from home with her husband Danny Mountain. With Nina busy on a video call, Danny strikes up a conversation with his stepdaughter Violet Myers. Danny can't keep his eyes from straying to Violet's stacked chest as the conversation quickly gets flirty.

When Nina goes to take a shower, leaving Violet and Danny alone, Violet turns up the heat, flashing Danny her perfect breasts. Danny does his best not to give in to his temptation, but with those amazing tits in his face, how long can he possibly hold out??
Date added: 2021-03-03 Length: 00:38:18 Rating:
Description : Lena Moon is ready to take the next step with her boyfriend, Dante Colle. As they return home to her place, they can't keep their hands off each other, tugging at each other's clothes and locking lips. But as Dante starts feeling her up, Lena just wants to make sure Dante's absolutely okay with being with a trans woman since this is his first time. As she asks him about this, there's a hint of vulnerability -- a fear of rejection -- but Dante doesn't miss a beat as he passionately insists that he's madly into her. He cares about her and wants to be with her in every way imaginable! The tension from fear melts away from Lena... but then is quickly replaced with electrifying sexual tension instead. It's finally time for them to embrace each other to the fullest and be their true selves!
Date added: 2021-03-01 Length: 00:37:01 Rating:
Description : Poor Jessie. She's been fired and might not be able to pay rent. Her roommate and best friend Lulu has been encouraging for months to set up her Pussy Chat online site and make money talking to men masturbating. It's easy, Lulu says, just imagine girls eating your pussy. But how can Jessie do that when she is not a lesbian and has never been with a woman. It's time to change that surmises Lulu. On Jessies' first pussy chat call Lulu takes the opportunity to help her best friend out by showing her just how nice it is to have a girl eat her pussy.
Date added: 2021-02-27 Length: 00:46:35 Rating:
Description : When Cesar and Rocky got invited to help their gay buddy Joel move his apartment they had no idea of what a wild night awaited them. It all seemed so normal. Help him pack and have a party. Just like the old days. Joel would make fun of her boyfriend for being in the closet and Cesar would make gay jokes about Joel. Just good-natured fun because even though Cesar was quite flamboyant he definitely was not gay. After all he had a wonderful girlfriend in the giant goddess Rocky. Same- o- same-o. Then things took a dramatic turn when Rocky and her boyfriend got stuck upside down behind the bed during a cleaning spree. Those asses just looked so inviting what was a horny gay man to do? Touching Cesar to help pull him out Joel felt his gaydar tingle. Cesar was ripe for the plucking . Begging to have his asshole felt Joel buried his tongue deep up his straight friends ass and was rewarded with a stiff cock to suck. Why not plum the depths of his gayness with a plunge up the chocolate highway. That winking pink turd locker was looking quite inviting to Joel. Not to leave out Rocky he gives her the same treatment on her asshole and cunt hole. Soon the two discover the is fucking both of them and jump on him and seek their revenge as they both gobble down his cock and start power fucking him. They all take turns on each other's holes and it looks like the only thing getting packed in this move out tonight is ass and pussy. Soon they are all painted in sweet loads of semen and fall back spent. Now that is what we call a cumming out party.
Date added: 2021-02-24 Length: 00:36:28 Rating:
Description : Michael DelRay has an on-again, off-again relationship with a girl but is looking for a little something DIFFERENT on the side. That's when he reconnects with an old friend, Jade Venus, who he hasn't seen a while. In fact, it's been so long that Jade herself is curious that he got back in touch, too -- especially once he admits that he's seeing someone. Of course, as soon as they're alone in Jade's bedroom together, there's a spark between them, although Jade is playful as she wonders if he can handle being with a trans woman for the first time. Michael is only all too eager to try, so as Jade makes the first move by meeting him for a sensual kiss, they quickly lose themselves in the heat of the moment.
Date added: 2021-02-22 Length: 00:30:17 Rating:
Description : Cali has always wanted to have sex with her best friend but it just seemed the opportunity was never there. After all several times, she had hinted at it in the past but been rebuffed every time as Isabella was not a lesbian. That is until this fateful afternoon. Lounging around bored staring at their phones like every millennial does Cali once again starts up. Horny and sensing a moment Cali starts playing with her pussy and notices just how intrigued Isabella is with her. Soon Isabella is rubbing her pussy watching Cali with a hunger that only a taste of pussy can fill. Cali asks her to move closer and dips Isabella's finger into her pussy and soon the two girls are banging away like veteran pussy munchers.
Date added: 2021-02-20 Length: 00:37:27 Rating:
Description : Indica Monroe has come to live with her stepmom Christie Stevens in the country. Indica isn't exactly thrilled to be spending her summer in the middle of nowhere with Christie and her new husband, Chris Cock.

Christie leaves Indica alone to explore the house, but Indica changes her mind and lies down on the couch instead. When Chris walks into the living room and sees Indica, he does a double take as he gets an eyeful of her amazing cleavage.

Will Chris be able to resist Indica's luscious tits??
Date added: 2021-02-17 Length: 00:36:03 Rating:
Description : Poor Johnny. He has been dumped again by another woman. All of his friends warned him she was a horrible person and cheating on him but he did not listen. So now crying and upset he has found his heart broken again. Lucky for him he has a wonderful friend in the sexy and vivacious Jane Marie who offers to let him hang out in her loft and watch happy rom coms. Maybe it's because he is horny and on the rebound but he finds himself looking at Jane in a way he never has before. She truly is stunning. He tells her how beautiful she is but she wonders about his motivation, especially since he has never been with a trans woman before. Johnny has never been so turned on in his life and his rock hard cock shows Jane that he means business. Holding his cock and stroking it she warns him that once he has been with a trans woman he may be addicted for life. But Johnny is willing to take that chance and enters willingly the world of trans girl love.
Date added: 2021-02-15 Length: 00:28:32 Rating:
Description : The dating life has not been going well for Adira so when her best friend Lacey suggests they go out to the movies together that night she jumps at the opportunity. It would be so much more relaxing and stress-free to just hang out with a friend. Little did Adira know how the night would progress as she ends up at Lacey's apartment and soon finds herself being seduced by her best friend. Having never been with a woman before Adira is at first hesitant but Lacey is just so pretty how could she resist. After all, if you are going to try lesbianism for the first time what's better than doing it with someone you love.
Date added: 2021-02-12 Length: 00:48:24 Rating:
Description : Audrey and her boyfriend find themselves stranded in Los Angeles during the city's recent lockdown. With airlines cutting their flights by 95% they have no way of getting home for several days. Lucky for them Audrey's old boyfriend, the now-gay Joel, has no problem with them staying at his place. Unfortunately, it's a small loft and there is no privacy for Audrey and her shy boyfriend to have sex. He feels weird about having sex in front of people so what's a man with blue balls to do but wait until they can get home. Audrey is horny as hell herself and when she sees Joel rest she is immediately getting Tony hard and climbing onto his cock for a quick orgasm. How could she predict her moaning would awake her ex-boyfriend who starts beating off to the action in his loft. He is enamored by the gorgeous cock that is ramming Audrey's furry fuckhole and comes closer for a closer look. Soon he finds himself sucking that cock with Audrey and faster than you can say 'bend over' he has Tony's cock balls deep in his well-pounded rectum. It's a bisexual aficionado's delight as the boys take turns fucking Audrey and each other till they all erupt with cum in each other's faces.
Date added: 2021-02-10 Length: 00:31:57 Rating:
Description : One fateful evening changed Chris's life. It was like any other Monday night. Chris was home alone watching television when the insistent banging began on his front door. Who could it be? Opening the door Chris finds the hot woman who lived in his complex asking if she could come inside. She was being followed by a stalker and was seeking a place to hideout. He asked why don't call the police but she explained it was a man who had fallen in love with her and he would handle it. Soon they are talking and she discovers that he did not even know she was trans. In fact, he confides in her he has never been with a trans girl. Maybe it was the moment, the circumstances, or even the star alignment but she sensed he was ready for something special. She could tell he wanted to kiss her so she offers herself up to him. Her blowjob skills were exquisite and soon she disrobes unveiling her luscious rock-hard 7 inches trans clit. Never had Chris sucked a cock but this was so feminine he gave himself in willingly. Her thrusting hard mean tasted wonderful and he found himself getting hornier and hornier. Burying his tongue in her ass he soaked her with saliva and soon glided his massively thick and hard cock deep into her warm hole. Tight and wet her asshole gripped his cock and he fucked her balls deep in a myriad of positions until he finally unloaded his ball sack of man juice into her face. From this day forward from this one chance trans encounter his life would be changed. Chris now truly knew what he liked and what he would be needing for the rest of his life.
Date added: 2021-02-08 Length: 00:33:20 Rating:
Description : Charles Dera is a teacher with a thing for one of his sexy students, Natalia Nix. They are just getting flirty after class when Charles' wife, Natasha Nice, barges in while furiously waving around a pair of panties that AREN'T hers. She KNOWS Charles has a mistress... and it doesn't take long for her to realize it's Natalia.

When Charles tries to slink away from the confrontation, Natasha stops him in his tracks. She wants to see what Natalia has that she doesn't... and DEMANDS that they get down and dirty right in front of her!