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Date added: 2020-08-06 Length: 00:30:35 Rating:
Description : Smoking hot Judy Jolie is hanging out while Sam Shock plays pool nearby. Wanting to get his attention, Judy flaunts her tight body, taking off all her clothes and spreading her legs wide open to flash him her perfect pussy.

This finally gets Sam's attention. He grins and puts down his pool cue, walking over to Judy as she beckons him closer. He puts his hand on her beautiful bush, rubbing her little clit to get her nice and ready for his hard cock.

This is MUCH better than playing pool!
Date added: 2020-08-02 Length: 00:29:29 Rating:
Description : Young Natalie Brooks discovers her stepdad Jovan Jordan jerking off in the bathroom and decides to help him out with his situation with her mouth and juicy vagina.
Date added: 2020-07-29 Length: 00:56:01 Rating:
Description : Febby Twigs is so excited her trans girlfriend has one of her hometown friends coming to town -- the gorgeous Aubrey Kate. Aubrey has always been a party girl and loves to be involved in group sex sessions. Febby can barely contain her horny little pussy from dripping at the prospect of a ménage a trois with two trans women. What could any girl want more than that? Well Aubrey does not disappoint as she immediately offers her lady stick to Febby to suck on all she likes. First night in town the three of them get down to some wild sex time as Aubrey is a stiff locomotive of love as she plunges her cock into both Casey Kisses and Febby. Soon Casey is being sandwiched in the middle fucking Febby and getting it herself from Aubrey. Then the tables are reversed as Aubrey is in the middle. Febby is in heaven.
Date added: 2020-07-27 Length: 00:32:52 Rating:
Description : Dale Savage is minding his own business, lounging around the house, when he gets a call from a concerned neighbor and friend. It seems as though her daughter, Keira Croft, has run away from home and she's concerned about her. Although Dale hasn't seen Keira, he promises to tell Keira to call her if he does.

Not long after he hangs up, Keira shows up at his door. She's in need of some time away from her overbearing mom, although she promises Dale that she'll call her if he lets her lay low awhile. He agrees and Keira keeps her word, letting her mom know she's safe and sound. Then she shares with Dale WHY she had a falling out with her mom: she was caught with an older man! And now that they're all alone, she has her sights on Dale...
Date added: 2020-07-24 Length: 00:29:41 Rating:
Description : Brooke Haze is depressed because her boyfriends keep breaking up with her. She thinks it's because she's bad at sex. Jack Blaque says, 'Maybe you shouldn't be talking to me about this stuff.' Brooke says you'd really be helping me out if you fucked me. He's worried her mom will find out. She promises not to tell. So he fucks her until he cums on her tits.
Date added: 2020-07-23 Length: 00:28:18 Rating:
Description : Steve Nelson is enjoying a quiet day at home when the neighbor's daughter, Remy Rayne, stops by for a visit. Her family's been concerned since Steve's lost his wife, especially since he's been isolating himself, so she's there to check up on him.

Steve thanks her for her concern and they soon get into a conversation about Steve getting out there and dating again. But Steve's not interested in getting into another relationship. However, when Remy tells him that everyone out there now is just looking to fuck, he's stunned. According to Remy, there are a LOT of young women like her looking for an older man! In fact, she'd fuck him in a heartbeat... and she's ready to prove it!
Date added: 2020-07-16 Length: 00:27:28 Rating:
Description : Emma Stelleto comes into the kitchen and asks Rome Major's why he acts like he owns the house. He says he does own half the house and just wants to enjoy his coffee. She says 'Oh, like you enjoy watching me take showers.' He spits out his coffee and begs her not to tell her mother. She says she will unless he shows her his dick, then they fuck on the granite countertop until he comes on her little titties.
Date added: 2020-07-15 Length: 00:42:04 Rating:
Description : Mr. Hudson gets his wildest fantasy fulfilled as his hot trans girlfriend brings home another trans girl for them both to share for an early birthday present. The lovely Ryder Monroe is waiting in his bed for him and he soon finds his swollen cock buried in her mouth. Jenna is packing quite the cock herself and the two of them make some trans magic as Ryder rides Jenna's cock as Wolf stuffs Jenna. And vice versa. Wolf is not going to be left out of this anal pleasure as he soon finds himself in the middle of the sandwich as Jenna rams his backdoor with her stiff massive woman root and wolf pummels Ryder's pussy hole. Cum is shooting everywhere as Jenna and Wolf spew their appreciation for Ryder all over the place.
Date added: 2020-07-10 Length: 00:29:31 Rating:
Description : Gianna Gem is staying with her grandparents while she's away at college. Her grandpa, Filthy Rich, is excited to have her around to breathe some life back into the house. Of course, Gianna doesn't yet know that her dear old gramps is excited to have her around for more than he's letting on.

While having a conversation one day, Rich asks if she's seeing any boys in college, which Gianna admits that she's not. She's too busy with school. Besides, if she wants to get off, she just uses a vibrator! This admission makes Rich flustered, which Gianna doesn't miss. With a sly grin, she invites him to watch sometime... In fact, why doesn't she give him a little show right now with her fingers?
Date added: 2020-07-05 Length: 01:05:29 Rating:
Description : Jenna Creed and Korra Del Rio are staying at Ella Hollywood's house for the weekend while her parents are away. When Ella shows them around, she shows them her old room, including the bed that she lost her virginity on. This reminds Ella of her ex-boyfriend and she gets sad for a minute, thinking about how he cheated on her.

The girls reassure Ella that they are going to have SO much fun that weekend, but Ella is tired from the long drive and decides to take a rest before the weekend begins. Jenna and Korra leave her to unpack.

A short time later, they rouse Ella. Wearing sexy outfits, Jenna and Korra insist that Ella needs to get ready, since they are going out to the club. They've already picked out a sexy outfit for Ella to wear and they help her into it, peeling off her clothes.

Ella changes into her sexy outfit. Jenna and Korra gawk at her, blown away by how hot she looks. In fact, Ella looks SO hot that Jenna and Korra can't resist her. They play their hands along Ella's tight body, caressing her beautiful hard cock.

Looks like these ladies don't need to go out to have fun...
Date added: 2020-07-04 Length: 01:01:05 Rating:
Description : Diamond Banks has been given a gift of four white men to pleasure her today. Hmmm, how does this lucky girl start. First she gets to teaze and pleasure all those cocks into stiff readiness as they are buried in sexy underwear. Then one by one she pulls them out to worship these sweet poles of love that will soon be entering her dripping wet pussy. Pretty is just one superlative we can hurl at this little girls pussy as Diamond has the sweetest clam you will ever lay eyes on. The boys get to licking and worshipping her sweet holes with their tongues before they start laying some stiff hard pipe into her wet slurpy fuck hole. Shaking and loving it Diamond soon takes the boys cocks up her ultimate pleasure hole -- her sweet tight asshole. Sliding in one after one the white men pump her deep and long with stiff pulsating cocks up her asshole. Cumming hard over and over she soon finds herself being blasted in the face with a reward for a job well done.
Date added: 2020-06-29 Length: 00:28:09 Rating:
Description : Isabella Nice asks her new stepdad Dillon Cox to help her with our college essay. He assures her that essays get easier as you do them and by the end of college they'll be no problem. Isabella is so appreciative that she blows him and has sex with him. He finishes on her hairy pussy.
Date added: 2020-06-27 Length: 00:29:40 Rating:
Description : Cleo Clementine is relaxing by the poolside, the bright sun reflecting off her bare skin as she soaks up the rays in her bikini. Her grandpa, Jay Crew, soon happens along and Cleo is thrilled that she has some time alone with him since the family's out of the house. Now that she has him all to herself, she asks if he'd kindly rub some sunscreen on her back... Of course, she'll take ANY excuse to get him to rub his hands all over her body!

Although dear old grandpa tries his best to be good, he can't help but to pop a boner as he massages the half-naked teen. Embarrassed, he retreats back into the house, but Cleo is hot on his heels. Does he REALLY think she's going to let him go THAT easily? Especially since this is exactly what she wanted to happen all along?
Date added: 2020-06-24 Length: 00:26:16 Rating:
Description : Step-mom, Silvia Saige is on the phone telling a friend telling her how she is crazy about her new step-son (Jay Romero) and her husband came up with a stupid idea that anal is not cheating so he can go out and get laid, so she's going to use his rule against him and let he stepson fuck her in the ass.
Date added: 2020-06-10 Length: 01:09:00 Rating:
Description : Daizy Cooper has always been enamored with white men. From the music they listen to, to the kinkiness they offer her in the bedroom, white cock is where it's at for this little alt black girl. Today is Daizy's lucky day as she is rewarded with four white studs to service her every sexual desire. First she relishes all of their cocks in a slathering display of oral talents. Then Daizy lies back on the couch to allow them to worship her. Sucking and licking every inch of their body she writhes in pleasure as her clit is titillated with a flicking tongue. Soon she is being pounded with a non stop train of white dick in her dark cherry love hole. After multiple vagina orgasms the boys start to take her backdoor and offer up some anal probing. She is in utter pleasure as she rockets to orgasm after orgasm as the cocks devour her asshole hitting her in all the right spots. Soon Daizy is being blasted with a reward of hot semen all over her pretty face. Now that's how Daizy likes to have fun.
Date added: 2020-06-07 Length: 00:28:15 Rating:
Description : McKenzie Lee is a woman with the difficult job of going to ask a complete stranger to take a DNA test because she thinks she could be his mother, but once determining she is not his mom, he (Billy Boston) can't believe how hot she is and wants to give her lots of DNA samples in all her orifices.
Date added: 2020-06-05 Length: 00:32:11 Rating:
Description : Ricky Spanish shyly walks into Nyomi Star's house with her at the end of their date. Nyomi is confident and outgoing while Ricky is shyer but obviously smitten. Ricky only looks more and more lovestruck as he struggles to talk to her without getting flustered. Ricky awkwardly wishes her a good night and immediately turns around to leave. Nyomi is surprised and stops him, insisting that he stay.

Ricky is stunned, as though he doesn't believe what he's just heard. Nyomi playfully rolls her eyes and grins seductively as she leads him into her bedroom. He is still very uncertain, stumbling over himself. He rambles about how he really didn't expect the date to go this far... most girls are turned off by his geekiness. Especially girls as cool and beautiful as her.

Nyomi smirks and says on the contrary, she finds it cute - as she starts undressing him. It's clear she has sex on her mind, although Ricky is secretly worried about pleasing her. Nyomi's confused when he keeps squirming and seemingly fighting the urges. After some hesitation, and some more prodding, Ricky admits to being a virgin and being afraid of disappointing her.

Nyomi is relieved and reassures him that there's no need to be shy...she's going to teach him EVERYTHING he needs to know about pleasing a woman...
Date added: 2020-05-20 Length: 00:24:39 Rating:
Description : Step-mom (Alura Jenson) overhears step-son (Lucas Frost) talking about his conquests with women and how is great at tearing up the ass and decides to make him prove it on her since his father won't do that to her anymore.
Date added: 2020-05-10 Length: 00:26:18 Rating:
Description : Step-son (Ricky Spanish) brings step-mom (Sheena Ryder) to a birthday surprise at Spa Day. She is definitely expecting more than just the rubdown from the masseuse and is disappointed. He is shocked because he is not expecting his stepmom to be putting the moves on him. But since they been flirting, mom assumed that he had other intentions. She doesn't want to be denied her birthday present and wants what she came to get, which is a hard, young cock in her ass.
Date added: 2020-05-04 Length: 00:31:22 Rating:
Description : Christy Love is in her kitchen baking. Just as she pulls a tray of baked goods out of the oven, she hears her doorbell ring. She sets the tray down, removes her oven mitts and goes to answer the front door.

She opens the door to reveal Nathan Bronson standing there. He announces that he has finished mowing her lawn. As she's thanking him, he catches a whiff of her baked goods. Remarking about how great it smells, he invites himself in and just walks right past Christy into the house, following his nose. Christy looks after him, bemused. 'Well, come right in I suppose!'

Christy follows him back into the kitchen and points out the source of the good smell, adding that the baked goods just came out of the oven, so they need to cool down before they can be eaten. Checking him out a little, Christy invites Nathan to stick around until they cool down. Nathan is hesitant, saying it would ruin his diet, but Christy, pulling up his shirt and tracing her hand seductively on his abs, insists that he's entitled to one cheat day. His eyes go wide, clearly getting her vibe. But still, he's hesitant, asking her what her husband would think. Christy winks seductively as she answers him.

'Well... I think I can afford one cheat day once in a while TOO!'
Date added: 2020-04-29 Length: 00:46:51 Rating:
Description : King Epic has always wondered what it would be like to experience a trans woman, so he finds Korra Del Rio online. She's a professional and Epic figures this is a good way to start. After all, if he's going to learn, it may as well be from a pro.

Korra's quite excited to teach this first-timer a lesson in trans love. She asks Epic if he would like to be topped, but since this is his first time he just wants to be a giver. But Epic is open to giving oral to Korra and he dives headfirst into pleasuring her. This is definitely a man who wants to get everything he can out of his first trans experience.
Date added: 2020-04-19 Length: 00:34:13 Rating:
Description : Osa Lovely has to listen to her step-daughter getting fucked on a nightly basis by her boyfriend Ricky Spanish. Like any good, stern mom, Osa wants to make sure her step-daughter is getting the fucking she deserves. So, one fateful day, Osa gets to spend some alone time with Ricky and takes the opportunity to find out what kind of lover he is.

At first shocked by the aggressiveness of this gorgeous black cougar, Ricky is transfixed by that gorgeous deep hole of pinkness Osa spreads out for him. Rock hard and diving in, this young man is about to get the fucking of his life. Osa takes the young Ricky through a myriad of sexual positions and Osa is literally hanging on for dear life as he fucks her like he never has before. He has some serious pounding to deliver to make sure that the horny step-mother approves his banging of her step-daughter.
Date added: 2020-04-15 Length: 00:36:00 Rating:
Description : When Dante Colle rents a room from well-to-do trans woman Natalie Mars, he soon finds himself harboring all sorts of sexual urges he never knew he had before. Soon, she's all Dante can think about. He knows Natalie likes him too and wonders how he can make the first move.

Waiting for the right moment, Dante finally gets Natalie alone. As they chat, the subject soon turns to sex and Dante decides to just go for it. Natalie is really not that different from other women. Her hole feels just as wet and tight as any pussy Dante's been inside of. Giving Natalie oral is quite exhilarating for Dante, and he thinks to himself that until one has sucked on the beautiful dick and balls of a gorgeous trans woman, one has truly not experienced life. What a day!