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Date added: 2019-06-22 Views: 0 Rating:
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Description : Nominated - Best Transgender Production, AVN 2020

Nominated - Trans Movie of the Year, XBIZ 2020

Mr. Pierce Paris has been having an affair with his hot trans girlfriend for a while now. Keeping her as his girl on the side and sneaking around to be with her. He says he can't stand his wife yet he won't pull the trigger and leave. Quite frankly Aubrey Kate is getting a little sick of being the other girl. She wants a man who can be proud of her and show her off in public. He's got what she loves, a huge cock, so she doesn't want to leave him. As far as Mr. Paris goes- Aubrey has what he wants, a big cock as well. Whenever her cock comes out he feverishly sucks it and pounds her sweet little fuckhole relentlessly for hours.
Date added: 2015-03-24 Views: 0 Rating:
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