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Date added: 2013-09-09 Views: 0 Rating:
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Description : Returning to ANTT in Season 13 is the very beautiful, very talented Celeste! This girl's ass is off the hook! She's been here before but amazes us every time. Judge Jay has no idea what he's in for and what a lucky bastard he is when Celeste puts her moves on him. She gives him a taste of her ass, and rides his cock so good his head was about to explode! She proved to him she is America's Next Top Trans.
Date added: 2013-09-06 Views: 0 Rating:
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Description : Celeste is in town for a new photo shoot when she runs into car problems. While at the repair shop, the mechanic realizes he wants to check under her hood. Her car gets fixed for free, and the mechanic's oil was a quart low when he left work!
Date added: 2013-09-03 Views: 0 Rating:
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Description : After a long hard day on the set, Steven heads back to the room and decides to call an in-call masseuse. He hit the jackpot when Celeste shows up at the door Steven gets more than a back rub. During small talk Celeste finds out that Steven is a photographer and wants his opinion about her having what it takes to be a model. The massage gets risque when Celeste decides to strip down and explore Steven's body in other areas... Celeste makes her move and springs her shocking hidden treasure on Steven. It's not a pussy, it's a cock. Twice in one day he was fooled by sheer beauty. Celeste has everything it takes to be ANTT, and proves that she is the fuck of the century!
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